Terms & Conditions

If inclement weather or any other valid reason from our part, we will cancel the trip and re-schecule if possible, no charges will be done.

If you have to cancel your reservation with us, please do so 24 hrs. prior to your trip scheduale with us.  Fail to proper cancel your trip with us or no show up on your part the day of your trip, we will charge your credit card in full.

If for any reason your cruise ship can't stop in port in Grand Cayman at the schedule date, we will cancel your trip and no charges will be done. If the Cruise Ship anchor at Spot terminal, please take a cab and meet with us at the Blue Iguana Outlet in town, this is 4 stores ahead of The Hard Rock Cafe in town at the water front, right next to the Church of God Building.

Please send us an e-mail at reeleseacharters@yahoo.com or call us at 1-345-916-8655 or 1 345-924-8617 to let us know us of any changes on your scheduled charter with us, we'll appreciate it.